Isaiah Rashad – The Sun’s Tirade

Isaiah Rashad first landed on the scene in 2014 with the Cilvia Demo EP. With Top Dawg Entertainment hype in full swing, following the coronation of Kendrick Lamar as this generation’s hip hop GOAT, expectations were high for the Tennessee native who was seemingly the next star on the rise for the label. 

Two years later and here we are, the buzz around Rashad had seemingly dried up. After substance issues almost derailed this promising MC’s career before it really got rolling, Rashad was almost dropped from the label on numerous occasions. Then out of nowhere Rashad drops his debut full-length LP The Sun’s Tirade. And it’s a fantastic outing, however I’m reminded of a quote, “you’re not good enough at your job to be too good for your job.” The fact of the matter is Rashad’s star power or talent doesn’t warrant the Jay Electronica levels of silence that followed an excellent first outing. Prior to this album’s release I found myself googling Rashad to see if he was even still with the label. But i’m willing to let all that go, as long as the juice is worth the squeeze.

The Sun’s Tirade is a smooth, sexy, southern jazz rap album that oozes with greatness. Rashad’s laid back delivery is complimented by the stellar production throughout. Rashad said he hopes fans will be able to more comfortable approaching him after listening to the album because they will see he’s just a normal person. I beg to differ, regular people aren’t capable of crafting an album this laid back, and sophisticated with flows that sound like they could’ve been dropped over any track from OutKast’s early catalog and you wouldn’t have been disappointed. The Sun’s Tirade is truly something special. Aside from a few features in the middle, including a standout from label mate Kendrick Lamar, Rashad is a one man show. There’s a skit towards the end of the the song dressed like rappers that points out how weird it is that Rashad was born in 1991 yet the topics he raps about are beyond what someone of his age would normally be rapping about. Rashad talks about addiction, and derailment throughout this record. The Sun’s Tirade is an album crafted by a wordsmith going through hell, whose hopeful that there is a brighter day.

The Sun’s Tirade was worth the wait. The album is fantastic start to finish, Rashad once again feels like an  artist on the rise with his best material yet to come. Hopefully it won’t take another two years of silence to create something as good as this. If you’re a fan of southern hip hop, The Sun’s Tirade is a must own record, if you’re a hip hop fan this album holds its own with anything else the TDE has released thus far. Or if you’re just a fan of music in search of your next favorite artist check out this record. You won’t be disappointed.

4/5 – This is a great record. Buy it.



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