Best of 2016… So Far

2016 is more than halfway over and what better way to launch a blog dedicated to music than to do a quick survey of the land. I haven’t heard everything, I’d like to, so if your favorite project is nowhere to be seen it might not have been snubbed, or it might have been, let me know. These are 20 of the songs that have gotten heavy rotation throughout my year so far, not ranked. So without further ado here is my 20 Best Songs of 2016… So Far. Continue reading “Best of 2016… So Far”


Ty Dolla $ign – Stealing

Sometimes less is more and Ty Dolla $ign doesn’t need much to make waves on Stealing. Ty finds a hilariously way to balance sincere R&B crooning with backhanded braggadocio.  [3.5/5]  Continue reading “Ty Dolla $ign – Stealing”